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Alpaka Hose und Pullover, Noppen-Strick
Alpaka Hose und Pullover, Noppen-Strick, Nahsicht

A special knit in 100% Alpaca

Fashionable and legere at the same time - our amply designed turtle-neck and modern Kosack-pants with adjustable leg cuffs and practical side pockets gives you the really special comfort you deserve.
Both are knit in a unique block-pattern and flow attractively soft on the skin.

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BH0260 Legere Alpaca Turtle-Neck Sweater, block knit 199.00 €
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BH6260 Legere Alpaca Turtle-Neck Sweater, block knit, XL 219.00 €
color: size: XL   qty:
BH0150 Legere Kosack Pants in Alpaca, block knit 219.00 €
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Information about our yarns

Care instructions: The unique distribution of natural lanolin within the alpaca hair structure, and the fineness of the alpaca hair, make the fiber extremely dirt and stain resistant.

For the owner of an Alpaca Sweater, Alpaca Cardigan, in fact any alpaca product, this means a minimum of care: a "bath" in fresh air over night is the best and least expensive cleaning. Also, hand washing (lay flat to dry) or a trip to the dry cleaners will never hurt Alpaca.

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