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for wholesale:

December 9, 2016

You are welcome to download and/or print any of the product information pages in our Website.  All necessary information is there, except for wholesale purchase prices and the colors planned for the coming season.

You are not limited to the colors and sizes currently on stock. We will produce the colors and sizes of your choice for any model.

We will send you a wholesale purchase price list after proof of your status as a business.

Our current collections can be seen at the following Trade Fair(s). Also, we can present our collections to you at your location.

July 29 - 31, 2017
Messecenter Rhein-Mian, Hoffheim-Wallau
Stand EG038 on the first floor,
at the end of the main aisle

Our Customer Recomendation Program: we give you a discount of 10% of all orders for the first year of a new customer who came to us from your recommendation.

Here are our Terms of Delivery:

1. Minimum delivery quantity: it must be clear that the products are intended for re-sale.

2. The customer pays freight costs. Inside Germany, this is a lump sum of Euro 5.68. For deliveries under Euro 350.00, the customer also pays handling costs of Euro 2.20.

3. The customer pays all banking costs associated with payment. Foreign customers should consider the advantages of payment via PayPal.

4. Payment is made in advance, or through SEPA Direct Debit for Businesses, both with 4% discount. For SEPA Direct Debit for Businesses, by ordering, the customer agrees to a payment date one day after delivery. After several years of cooperation with us, customers may select payment via the SEPA Core Direct Debit, with payment after 10 days and a 2% discount.

5. New customers outside of Germany make a deposit of 20% when ordering.

6. Goods remain our property until fully paid. The legal jurisdiction is Munich.

7. "On-Stock" items are always stocked in all sizes/colors to assure immediate delivery. "Advance-Order" items are are normally not stocked, and when so, in lesser quantities. Just call or e-mail us concerning the availability of "Advance-Order" items.

8. To assure timely delivery of "Advance-Order" items, order according to this timetable:

order before:
February 28

as of August 1

9. For "Advance-Order" orders with a net value of at least Euro 350.00 placed before 1 March with delivery in July, August, or September, we give an Advance-Order Discount of 5%. This Advance-Order discount is lost should delivery be delayed because the customer is in arrears, or the customer requests later delivery.

10. A further advantage of "Advance-Order" orders ist the price guarantee: the customer pays the lower of the price at the time of ordering, or the price at the time of delivery.

11. Your order is first confirmed by us upon delivery. The customer may withdraw from an order, should we through our fault not be able to deliver within 30 days of the from the customer requested, and from us confirmed delivery date*. With the order, the customer agrees to a damages payment of 30% of the order volume, should the customer otherwise withdraw from the order.

*A delivery date that is confirmed by us will be noted as "confirmed delivery date" in the comments section of the order form. If you wish this, please ask for it.

Greg Smith

Our wholesale price list is available as an Excel file for qualified buyers. The list may be requested per e-mail, with proof of your status as a business.

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