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Alpaca, On Sale!

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Women's Alpaca Turtle-Neck Sweater with side slits, links-knit
Ladies Alpaca V-Neck Vest with rolled Border, links knit
Open Alpaca Jacket with Scarf Collar "Macao"
Ladies Alpaca Cardigan with Butterfly Collar, links knit
Ladies Jacket "Dominique", 60% Alpaca/40% Wool
Alpaca Jacket with hook-closing "Tunis", Baby Alpaca
Women's Alpaca Jacket with Neru Collar and Neck Button
Womens Alpaca Jacket with Zipper "Florence"
Open Alpaca Knit Coat, Round Form, links knit
Ladies Alpaca Blazer with Bee Hive Pattern
Women's Light Alpaca Coat
Open Alpaca Cardigan with Piping, Baby Alpaca, links knit
Womens Short-Sleeve Sweater with Contrast-Borders, Baby Alpaca
Light Baby Alpaca Sweater "Caribic", links-knit
Unisex V-Neck Baby Alpaca Sweater w Cord Pattern
Women's Light Butterfly-Sweater with 3/4 Sleeves, Baby Alpaca
Ladies Alpaca Sweater "Theodora"
Wide-Collar Alpaca Turtleneck "Sophia"
Womens Alpaca Sweater with wide Neru Collar, 3/4 Sleeves
Baby Alpaca Cape with Accent Border "Mascha"
Women's Winter Turtle-Neck "Foliage"
Baby Alpaca Stole with detailed Knit Pattern
Hand Woven Scarf in Baby Alpaca with Silk "Eleganz"
Alpaca Stole in links knit
Round-Neck Alpaca Cardigan for Men and Women, links knit
Men's V-Neck Alpaca Cardigan in links knit
Winter Club Cardigan aus Alpaka mit Troyerkragen
V-Neck Alpaca Sweater for Men and Women, links knit
Alpaca Trojer for Men and Women, links knit
Men's Alpaca Sweater, V-Neck
Men's Alpaka Winter Club Cardigan
Pants made of 100% HempHemp Pants, Jeans-form, 100% Hemp, fishbone weave
Viscose Dresses
Women's Turtle-Neck Shirt, 95% viscose / 5% lycra
Viscose Turtle-Neck
Women's Turtle-Neck Shirt, 95% viscose / 5% lycra
The following one-of-a-kinds are also reduced.
Women's Cardigan "Cannes subdued" in Intrasien
Women's Alpaca Tunic in red/black Contrast-Pattern
Women's Alpaca V-Neck Sweater, 100% Baby Alpaca
Alpaca Round-Neck Cardigan with Loop-Button, 50% Alpaca/50% Acrylic
Classic Women's Lightweight Turtle-Neck in Ribknit, 100% Baby Alpaca
Colorfull Alpaca Cardigan "Franjas", V-Neck
Colorfull Alpaca Cardigan "Franjas" in Oversize, V-Neck

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